Let them eat cake…

Our portion table is taken from years of experience and will provide a rough guide on the size of the cake you will need. Odiham Cake Company will be able to answer any questions that you have and will advise appropriately per design. As a rule it is always better to cater for more.

Coffee slices are for fruit cake (although can be used for sponge cake) but represent the maximum number of portions.

Odiham Cake Company Portion Size and Guide

Bespoke celebration cakes:

A Single Tier Cake starts from £95.00

A 2 Tier Cake starts from £155.00

A 3 Tier Cake starts from £195.00


Our Cupcakes start from £3.00 each with a minimum order of 12

Handmade Figures:

Our simple figures start from £25 each and detailed or replica figures start from £50 each

Wedding Cakes:

Our Wedding Cakes Start from £455

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